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Glycol Dehydration Process - an overview | ScienceDirect

Gas Dehydration (Gas Conditioning and Processing

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Natural Gas Dehydration - EPA

Gas Burned as Fuel for Glycol Dehydrator Gas fuel for glycol reboiler 1 MMcf/day dehydrator Removing 14 lb water/MMcf Reboiler heat rate: 1,124 Btu/gal TEG Heat content of natural gas: 1,027 Btu/scf Fuel requirement: 17 Mcf/year Gas fuel for gas heater 1 MMcf/day dehydrator Heat gas from 47ºF to 90ºF Specific heat of natural gas: 0.441 Btu/lb-ºF

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Glycol dehydration - Wikipedia

The more commonly used glycols for dehydration are diethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, and tetra ethylene glycol. Diethylene glycol is the cheaper of the three glycols; however it has a higher vapor pressure and cannot be regenerated to as high a purity as the other glycols.

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GASTECH | Products

The glycol dehydration process is an example of a process that provides absorption dehydration, and in the process, a liquid desiccant provides the means to absorb water from the gas stream. Ethylene glycol (HOCH2 CH 2OH) was, initially, the principal chemical agent in this process, has a very strong affinity for water and when the glycol is in contact with a stream of water-wet natural gas, the ethylene glycol …

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The Design of the Natural Gas Dehydration Tower

Joule-Thomson Expansion utilizes temperature drop to remove condensed water to yield dehydrated natural gas. The principal is the same as the removal of humidity from outside air as a result of air conditioning in your house.

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Petroleum Dictionary | Linguistics | English Language

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Natural Gas Dehydrator Optimization

Glycol dehydrators are the most common equipment to remove water from gas 2.000 estimated dehydration units in NG production, gathering, and boosting in Most use Triethylene Glycol (TEG)

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What Is Gas Dehydration? - Croft Productions Systems

Glycol Dehydrators, part of natural gas dehydration systems, remove water vapor from gas streams to prevent the formulation of hydrates and corrosion in pipelines. The Glycol Dehydration Unit is a reliable, efficient system for removing water from natural gas well streams in order to meet typical pipeline and process specifications.

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